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As game image and video reaches new heights it has become imperative that the corresponding audio achieves the same standard. As yet there are very few audio studios with both the equipment, background, skills and personnel to achieve this. As an independent outsource facility, Galaxy Interactive can bring an unprecedented level of professionalism to any project. When approximately 70% of a development budget is spent on outsource suppliers, our clients need to know that this is money well spent with a trusted, reliable supplier. In addition, Galaxy Interactives network of music industry contacts offers clients the possibility to generate both additional promotion and a significant revenue stream from what has been, up until now, a cost out service only.

Galaxy Interactive offers not only state of the art recording and production facilities staffed by internationally renowned professionals. We also offer the complete range of orchestra recording services including scoring, arranging and composition. Next to our own Galaxy Studios Session Orchestra we have a preferred partnership with the Brussels Philharmonic Orchestra for orchestral recording. Our scoring facilities offer the 350m2 renowned Galaxy Hall in Mol and the large 1938 Flagey Studio 4 stage in Brussels, both powered by the state-of-the-art technical facilities of our group.
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