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Galaxy Studios – Technical Assistant (audio)


– Dutch fluent

– English fluent


Place of residence:

Preferably within 30 minutes around Mol


Technical education:

Audio engineering or electronics engineering



Hardware: understanding of electronics, being able to detect basic faults in electronic audio equipment, familiar with use of oscilloscope and multimeter, being able to read schematic diagrams, being able to solder; familiar with signal flow in analog and digital consoles, familiar with all technical aspects of analog and digital sound recording (microphones, preamps, cables, convertors, outboard gear, clocking)

Software: good knowledge of MacOS and Windows, profound knowledge of Protools and its plug-in structure, i-loks and licenses, basic IT knowledge, streaming software (Source Live, Source Connect), understanding of network architecture, Protools satellite networks etc.

Video: basic knowledge of video codecs, formats, hardware (screens, convertors, cables), connections



– team player

– autonomous, with constant eagerness to improve workflows, find and fix problems, make Galaxy Studios more efficient and help to achieve better quality in all services

– ambitious to learn about new developments in audio technology, trying to implement these in the daily operation at Galaxy Studios

– ambitious to become a senior technical engineer at Galaxy Studios → long term engagement

– willing to handle flexible working hours and weekend work

– stress resistant, being able to work under pressure



– assuring the flawless technical operation in both music and audio post department

– technical stand-by assistance during recording/mixing sessions in both departments

– repair of broken equipment (smaller repairs; e.g. cables, outboard gear, headphones etc.)

– daily maintenance of all analog and digital consoles at Galaxy Studios (AMS-Neve, API)

– communication with manufacturers and suppliers concerning repairs, upgrades, installs etc.

– set up recording and mixing sessions (in collaboration with music assistant and audio post assistant)


Interested? send your CV and motivation to info@galaxystudios.com