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DVD & BD projects:

Insurgent (Pan-European 2D/3D project including Dolby Atmos, DVD/BD) – Pompeii (Pan-European 2D/3D project, DVD/BD) – Michiel de Ruyter (Seamless Branching, DVD/BD) – Tarzan (Pan-European 2D/3D project, DVD/BD) – Piranha (2D/3D project DVD/BD) – The Need for Speed (Pan-European 2D/3D project, DVD/BD) – Beautiful Creatures (Pan-European DVD/BD project) – The Golden Compass (Pan-European DVD/BD project) – Immortals (Pan-European 2D/3D project, DVD/BD) – Mad Men (DVD/BD, Series) – Sex and the City (Pan-European DVD/BD project) – Twilight Breaking Dawn part 1 & 2 (Pan-European DVD/BD project) – and many, many more …

B2B projects:

Porsche (Complete user manuals on DVD) – Jamo (Promotional DVD, from storyboard to final product) – Philips (Creation of test tools/discs) – IPOC (Kiosk point of sale system) – Pioneer , Belgium the Movie (Co-partnership) – B&O (Promotional disc, from storyboard to final product) – Swiss Telecom (Setup VOD platform) – Duiveltjes (Instruction DVD for Belgian football Association) – HG (Kiosk point of sale system) – and many, many more …