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Helden van de zee

Diederd Esseldeurs
Wies Derluyn

Hannes De Maeyer
Mixing Engineer
Patrick Lemmens


Ketnet's heroes can't stop stunting. Not even during their adventurous holiday at the Belgian seaside. The first step? Transforming their residence in the dunes into a miniature theme park, including a thrilling roller coaster. Now they're all set for the summer of a lifetime. Especially Dempsey, who has fallen in love with Eva, a girl that's also on holiday. But their romance won't last long. Eva has to depart on a trip to England, where's she's enrolled in a language camp. The heroes want to comfort Dempsey and decide to go after her. The plan? Crossing the sea in boats they've made themselves. But after departure, not everything goes according to plan.


Director Diederd Esseldeurs
Producer Wies Derluyn
Cast Dempsey Hendrickx, Nicolas Vanhole, Siegfried De Doncker
Composer Hannes De Maeyer
Release Date 30 Jan 2017

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