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Benoit Chantry
Recording Engineer
Patrick Lemmens
Mixing Engineer
patrick Lemmens


This summer, the Cave has another fabulous surprise in store for you! From the 1st of July onwards, the classic tour to the Cave will be enhanced by a thrilling, brand-new sound and light show, using state-of-the art video-mapping and laser technology to make the Cave’s eventful history come to life. The show was created by Luc PETIT, a magician of the scenic arts, whose numerous collaborations include world-famous names such as Franco Dragone and Disney! Luc PETIT is considered a veritable virtuoso of the scenic arts, and, for each of his shows he has managed to combine different artistic disciplines and the most innovative technologies to achieve a specific artistic mood, a surprising atmosphere that permeates his artistic creation, which highlighting both his creative process and humanistic approach...


Composer Benoit Chantry
Release Date 1 Jul 2018
Website http://www.grotte-de-han.be/en/news/a-stunning-new-sound-and-light-show-created-by--luc-petit-creation

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