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Beyond Me

Heleen Minderaa
Minderaa Media

Recording & Mixing Engineer


Fred Matser, director of a very successful project development company in the Netherlands, realizes that the fast-moving, rational business world is starting to weigh him down. He begins a quest to explore what lies beyond the bounds of his own thinking and has an unexpectedly deeply moving experience that transforms his vision on life, death and the human condition. Fred discovers why many people lose touch with themselves and with one another. And he discovers ways to keep functioning in the Western world while increasingly giving free rein to his feelings, allowing intuition to be his guide


Director Heleen Minderaa
Producer Minderaa Media
Cast Fred Matser, Heleen Minderaa
Release Date 1 Mar 2020
Website https://www.fredfoundation.org/fred-matser/beyond-me-documentary/

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