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Christmas in Paris

Hans Royaards
Benjamin Royaards

Steve Willaert


December 2006. On a cold winter's night, just before Christmas, the 16-year-old youth, Nick van Sant, escapes from an orphanage in the Belgian Ardennes. He encounters Leon Gevers, a down on his luck 'has-been', from the world of show business who is on his way home from another disappointing gig. At first their relationship is uneasy but Leon decides to help Nick find his grandmother, Alice Gardner. As she is the only one who holds the truth about what happened with Nick Parents. The notary Bruno Weinberg, who advises Alice, will do everything in his power to prevent this from happening. Uncovering the secrets of the past finally brings them to Paris.


Director Hans Royaards
Producer Benjamin Royaards
Cast Gaston Berghmans, Chris Lomme, Mattias Van de Vijver
Composer Steve Willaert
Release Date 17 Dec 2008
Website http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1198337/

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