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Piet Kroon
Bosbros (NL)


Heinz is Amsterdam personified: a happy-go-lucky freeloader. He gets in big trouble with his girlfriend Dolly. One day he looks after their baby. The next morning he wakes up on a mysterious island. His son is missing! In a desperate search Heinz finds out he has been an unwitting pawn in the evil schemes of diabolical windbag Git. During a spectacular showdown in New York Heinz thwarts Git’s attempts to eradicate mankind and rescues his son. Sort of. Dolly decides to give him another chance.


Director Piet Kroon
Producer Bosbros (NL)
Cast Ruben van der Meer, Ilse Warringa, Tygo Gernandt, Wim T. Schippers, Bruno Vanden Broecke
Release Date 18 Apr 2019
Website https://www.heinzdefilm.nl/

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