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Jacques Molitor
Bernard Michaux

Kyan Bayani


Luxembourg. In a small town deserted by its young people, man‐child FLËPP (20) and his manicdepressive mother SOPHIE (45) lock themselves in her “cosy fortress” after the father’s suicide years ago. The deceptively tranquil relationship is defined by mutual dependence, as the overbearing woman controls her son’s every move, but also caters to his every whim.
To make sure he will stay in town forever, she expects with Flëpp that he will soon take over his father’s store ‐ although he’s secretly making a deal with real estate contractors to sell the property.

Flëpp’s repressed desire for flight is sparked by rebellious runaway LEENA (19). Setting the small town morals on fire, she unlocks things in Flëpp’s mind that the virginal boy had kept hidden. Experiencing a puberty he’s never really known, Flëpp realizes that if he wants to win over Leena, he’ll have to oppose his mother’s deepest beliefs and take action. But is he even ready to be saved?


Director Jacques Molitor
Producer Bernard Michaux
Cast Joe Blitgen, Maja Juric, Robin Morais, Myriam Muller
Composer Kyan Bayani
Release Date 28 Jan 2015
Website http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3224956/

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