The ideal room for Additional Dialogue Recording

ADR in Studio 1

This is the ideal environment because of the large space and the varying reverb time. The actor or actress can easily match the sound with the spaces and atmosphere used in the movie. 

Remote ADR with Source Connect

Sometimes actresses and actors come to Galaxy Studios to record these ADRs, but when working on international productions, it’s usually impossible for cast and crew to make the trip to Galaxy due to scheduling and budget issues. Fortunately we have a solution to these problems: we use the acclaimed Source Connect feature, with which we can record remotely. The digital workstation from our ADR-stage in Galaxy Studios is connected digitally to a similar system somewhere else on the planet, where the actresses or actors are located at that time – probably shooting their next film. We then record their voices and dialogue remotely, in perfect, uncompressed quality, with no significant delay, all timecode-aligned with the latest edit of the film or series.


Galaxy Studios works with a large pool of extremely talented ADR directors and re-recordists, wherever possible all native-speakers in the specific language of the production, to create that perfect fit for any audio-visual production!

Re-record their own voices

Re-record their own voices

Actresses and actors come over to our studios to re-record their own voices. Isn’t that crazy?

Let us explain:


The on-set background-noise of a movie can sometimes overwhelm recorded dialogue, which cannot be cleaned and thus needs to be re-recorded in a controlled studio environment.

IMG 20220928 154844
Studio 1 curtains closed


This needs to be done with the utmost care, so that the sound of the newly recorded voices will be near-identical to the on-set sound and blend seamlessly into the atmosphere on screen.


This re-recording of dialogue is called “ADR”. This is the term used worldwide and stands for “Additional Dialogue Replacement”.

IMG 20220928 154659


  • Space: 100 m2 (1,100 sqft)
  • No parallels between walls, or ceiling and floor to avoid standing wave
    • Height: 5,5 – 6 meters (18 – 20 feet)
    • Length: 10 meters (33 feet)
    • Width: 5 – 12 meters (16 – 40 feet)
  • 400 ms of reverb, can be diminished within a few seconds down to 150 ms by adding or removing curtains (motorized system) and carpets (short video curtains closing)
  • Inaudible air-conditioning
  • Natural daylight (can be made dark by closing the curtains)
    • Projection Screen (size
    • HD Projector