Galaxy Hall.

A glorious, inspiring recording space with outstanding acoustic characteristics, suitable for any kind of music production, from classical soloists, singers and orchestras to heavy metal bands.

A glorious, inspiring recording space.

A glorious, inspiring recording space.

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About AURO-3D

We make many recordings in AURO-3D, the immersive audio format invented by our founder and CEO Wilfried Van Baelen in 2005. It was launched in 2010 at the AES spatial Conference in Tokyo as an end-to-end solution for all audio markets. 

The Galaxy Hall was an important contributor to the research and development of this ground-breaking audio format.

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About the Piano

About the Piano

Steinway D Grand Piano

Selected as one of the best Steinway Grand D pianos, its samplings recorded in the famous silent Galaxy Hall make this piano probably the most popular concert grand of all. Of course, there’s nothing better than the original.

Some references from classical, jazz and pop productions: 

Katia and Marielle Labèque, Wibi Soerjadi, Jef Neve, Steven and Stijn Kolacny, Robert Groslot …

About the Organ

About the Organ

Hammond A-100 + leslie

This legendary instrument and its Leslie, used in many pop and jazz productions, don’t need any more explanation… 


  • 330 m2 / 3500 sqft
    • Height: 7,5 – 8 meters (24 up to 26 feet)
    • Length: 30 meters, 100 feet
    • Width: 10 – 14 meters (30 up to 45 feet)
    • No parallels between walls, or ceiling and floor, to avoid standing waves
  • Reverberation time: 1,8 sec (variable from 800 ms up to 2,4 s)
  • Background noise of only 14dB
  • Inaudible air-conditioning, due to large conducts, result: NR5
  • Natural daylight
  • Temperature and humidity stabilized
  • Accommodates orchestras of up to 80 musicians  
  • All studios have sound isolation of up to 100,7 dB
  • Natural daylight (can be made dark using curtains)
  • Can be linked to 3 different control rooms (Neve 88D, Neve DFC and the API Vision) with natural visual connection 
  • Concrete bunker with a total weight of 1600 tons, suspended on a floating spring system (link Our Story)
  • Custom designed acoustic doors:  weight 150Kg (300 pounds), yet very easy to handle. Isolation of  -55dB, two doors isolate more than 80dB, three doors isolate more than 100dB between each critical room 

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