The Grading Suite.

Top reference color grading room

  1. Color grading or ‘color correction’ is the artistic manipulation of the saturation, luminance and balance of the red, green and blue values of your original camera footage. So far for the technical side. 😉 
  2. Just as you can create a specific mood with sound, you can enhance that atmosphere or emotion, or create a very different feel or contrast, using the image and the colors, brightness and saturation used in color grading. 
  3. It’s another hugely creative process in which the color grader works very closely with the Director and DOP, to make sure the artistic intent is fully optimized.

A glorious, inspiring recording space.

The grading suite.


  • 5,30 meters (17 feet) wide screen
  • Barco DP4K-P digital cinema projector fully calibrated to the SMPTE DCI reference specifications
  • Filmlight Baselight HD Color Grading system
  • Latest ACES color pipeline
  • Sony BVM-X300 with 30” 4K OLED HDR mastering
    • 4K, 2K, UHD and HD resolutions and Rec.709, DCI-P3 and BT.2020 color spaces
    • reaches 1.000 nits
  • DI 
    • Digital Intermediate: Analogue film tape is first scanned to convert it to digital. Digitally we can make a lot of changes to the pictures like color grading, effects, etc. And when the final image is ready we shoot it back to 4K analogue film stock which is still the best archiving medium.
    • Northlight II scanner : 1 frame of a 35mm analogue film = 50 MB. So 24 pictures in 1 second means 1,2 GB per second. With 60 Frames/second it equals to 3 GB/s and 6GB/s in 3D. 


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