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Galaxy Studios Mastering Studio

The Galaxy Studios Group has over 35 years of experience in music recording, mixing and mastering.  Our state of the art mastering studio opened its doors in 2002 and features the first SPL-MMC1 8-channel analogue mastering console that tailored especially for Galaxy Studios, with first of its kind dynamic range. The mastering studio is built in the same way as our famous facility that offers some of the best sound isolation and quality. Our mastering engineers have been working in our mastering studio for years and have an extensive portfolio of all music genres including rock, jazz, pop, classic, rap, dance, metal, and many more. In the Galaxy Studios mastering suite we offer mastering in all possible formats including CD, DVD, Blu-Ray, SACD, pre mastering vinyl, Tape, Digital, and High Res I-Tunes mastring.

The Mastering room

Mastering is the ultimate step in making your sound come alive. Step into another dimension of mastering, acoustics and quality in our SPL MMC-1 mastering suite. As a world leading studio in new technology and formats our mastering room is capable of mastering all existing formats up to 8 channels, including SACD, CD, DVD, Dolby Digital and DTS.

The unique 8-channel analogue SPL-MMC1 mastering console has an 120V power rails ensuring a stunning dynamic range of 150 db. The audio-signal flows through STRAIGHT WIRE top-cables into the supreme EGGLESTON WORKS loudspeakers, powered by the latest development in power amplifiers by PERREAUX.

A combination of DCS, Z-SYSTEMS, MILLENNIA, WEISS, SADIE, PYRAMIX, PHILIPS, SONY, TASCAM, 360 SYSTEMS, AMPEX and STUDER equipment will give you 100% audio control in this extraordinary industry reference room.

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Mastering Engineers

TOM VAN ACHTE is one of the mastering engineers of Galaxy Studios. He has over 24 years of experience and has mastered more than 250.000 tracks. In his career he followed masterclasses with George Massenburg and Bob Katz. Tom is able to master albums and tracks in all possible formats and is also a certified High Res I-Tunes mastering engineer.

Tom has worked for some major labels including Sony Music International and Universal USA and his credit list includes: Shania Twain, Brussels Philharmonic, Channel Zero, Dana Winner, dEUS, Gabriel Yared, Milk Inc, Milow, Ozark Henry, Studio 100, Soulsister, 2 Unlimited, and many more.
FILIP HEURCKMANS has been working at Galaxy Studios for 21 years. He specialises in all all aspects of pop music from around the world - from rock to R'n'B, world or Jazz. Thanks to his broad interest in music and his thorough knowledge of the technical side of the job, he can guide people trough the whole music production process. He has been specializing in analogue mastering techniques and his credit list includes: dEUS, Zita Swoon, Clouseau, Hooverphonic, Will Tura, Jef Neve, Stash, and many more